Send a message to the Team!

Published on Jun 26th, 2014 by admin | 10
Send a message to the Team!

If you would like to send a message to the DR Team you can write to them in the comments section below!

10 Comments on “Send a message to the Team!”

  1. Mario Houston says:

    Greetings to you all,

    I hope this finds you consumed in the loving spirit that God has sent you to share. Seeing your pictures, reading your post, and hearing some of the stories from my on the spot reporter, Candis, have been exciting to say the least. I am so encouraged by the work you are doing and the blessings you are receiving from that work. I pray that you will continue to speak to God during your work and ask him to speak clearly in your ears. I know this will be a life changing experience for someone you come into contact with and I’m hopeful it will change you all for the good of Christ. Blessings and Grace to you all as we await your embrace when you return.

  2. The Nitzel Family says:

    Howdy Destiny Crew!
    We are so happy you are all there doing God’s work. Have a great time and enjoy the people. We are praying for you here back in Twinsburg!
    The Nitzel Family

  3. Jamie Bisesi says:

    It is so AWESOME you guys are serving and doing God’s Work. I pray for each of you that you come back changed and find tremendous growth in your spiritual walk. Praying for safety and praying that GOD stretches you in ways you can’t even imagine.
    Love Mrs. Bisesi

  4. Marsha Weaver says:

    Hello All,

    This is just WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing. We will continue to pray for your trip and the lives you touch daily!

    God Bless,


  5. DEsiree Bell says:

    I pray all is well with everyone, I know GOD is please with the work you all are doing. I know you will touch someone life to let them know GOD is good. Love you all just waiting to get you all back……

  6. Eric Patrick says:

    I am so very proud of our teens for being in the DR to spread the gospel. You all are there for a purpose. That purpose is to share the word of God to those want to grow closer to him and those that know nothing about God. You will look back on this time later in life and realize the impact you have made there. It brings me great joy to know that my son and my church family are doing God’s work in the DR.

    Special thank you to the parents who so graciously volunteered their time and talents to be team leaders for our children.

    Have a blessed remainder of the trip.

  7. Sheri Williams says:

    I pray the Lord bless you all. May this be a time of new experiences that are full of love, grace and laughter. Serving in this manor will change your spiritual walk. It is a blessing to help others. So proud of you all!


  8. Jamie Bisesi says:

    Praying today for patience, perseverance, and energy! Praying for all to surrender themselves totally to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings on today – Mrs. Bisesi

  9. Connie and Gary bost says:

    Dear Destiny team, We pray this finds you all in the center of God’s will and assured of His great love for you. May those with whom you come in touch, know your love for the Lord by your love for others. Blessings! Connie and Gary Bost

  10. Rhonda Gray says:

    I remember when you two first approached me about going to the DR. The first thing out of your mouths was “Ok mom we want you to keep an open mind.” That just tickled me because I know I can be over protective. Then the surprised looks on your faces when I immediately said OK you can go. (I wish I had taken a picture.)
    So there you are in another country sharing God’s word and helping those in need. I am sooooo very proud of you both! Oh…Somehow I did not cry after I dropped you off! It was a long long long drive home though.
    I love you!!

    Continue to do God’s work Team Destiny!