Message from Myles!

Published on Jun 26th, 2014 by admin | 0

Today was a really fun, chaotic, crazy, silly, and spontaneous day, and I loved it. In the morning I woke up really tired because I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 that night, so I started off the day already dreading it. To make matters worse the group of baseball boys and I had to mix cement for four hours under the hot sun with barely any break. Now you are probably saying, “Myles I thought you loved today!” and I did, it was just hard as well. Though even while working hard, I had an amazing time! The group of guys worked together and had a surprisingly fun time mixing cement to serve the Lord. My parents hate when I say this, but I can be lazy… sometimes. Even so, when I started working, I just couldn’t stop, I worked and worked, and it felt better the more I worked. The reason was that I knew I was working for the best cause, to serve Jesus, and help others! Though that was just the beginning. After cement we had this ridiculously long ride in the back of a cramped truck to the baseball field, and played some ball with the locals. WOW that was fun, this was the third day doing it and by this time, well ahaha I’d gotten pretty good. No, I still am terrible, but it was fun playing and bonding with others even though they didn’t speak our language, it was like being in a different world. After baseball and dinner some of us went to this huge shopping plaza! It was really cool, the place had an amazing pet store with a shark, and I even got to hold a parrot! But by far the best part was as we were leaving our bus driver was blasting music, and one of the security guards, who also had a machine gun strapped to his chest, started dancing and strumming the gun like a guitar to the music! I promise you it was the funniest thing all week! But that was pretty much it for today, now I’m going to go out to the lobby to beat some friends in card games, that and laugh at each other’s personal lives. Well that’s it, hope everyone who reads this had a good day! (P.S. I bought a machete at the market! LOL)


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